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March 16 2017

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✧・゚: * yooa fancams *:・゚✧

August 09 2016

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And then he did this

August 08 2016

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They don’t deserve to see comments about being raped or inappropriate sexual videos & they aren’t objects of sex. They are human beings and deserved to be treated with respect. They aren’t here for your sexual fantasies. They are here to share their music with us. Please be respectful to them because they didn’t deserve any of this.

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August 07 2016

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his smile could make the flowers grow

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hobi is so done with jimin

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BTS’ rhythmical farce pt2

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BTS || H I G H C U T

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A great look

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taehyung doesn’t drink beer

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a great look

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happy to be roommates
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